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Our Mission

To create an inclusive community of learners that allows everyone to gain the knowledge and skill they need to provide compassionate care. 

Our Vision

To inspire caregivers and the healthcare community to value and respect the professional work of nursing assistants and home health aides.

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Which Course is Right for You?

#HHA 100

Home Health Aide Course

#HHA 100

This course qualifies you to work at visiting nurse associations, hospices, assisted living facilities, and home health care agencies!

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This dual course covers everything in #HHA 100 plus:

Certified Nurse Assistants can work in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, hospices, and home care!

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#NAT 100

Nursing Assistant Training


Home Health Aide Course

#NAT 100

Our Teaching Philosophy

The curriculum, reading assignments, and instruction addresses the needs of students across the learning spectrum.


The hallmark of the training program includes all learning styles and visual, auditory, and kinesthetic instruction.

Unbiased and Equitable

Flexible Learning Environment


focused instruction

Universal Design

Accommodate learning differences

 Our method of differentiated instruction addresses students' individual needs. Everyone who is willing to do the work can obtain the needed resources, pass the state test, and become a certified nurse assistant.

Meet Our Director

Martha Hamm, RN BSN

Director of Education

Martha’s interest in helping students come from her years of experience with her own children, whose academic needs spanned the learning spectrum. Read more about how this influenced Martha’s teaching philosophy, and how she uses this knowledge to benefit students at the training center. 

Martha’s lifelong passion for helping others began in high school when she worked as a nursing assistant in a nursing home. She and her peers would see to it that the residents were washed, dressed, and comfortable so they could meet in the day room for socializing and activities, creating joy for both residents and her peers. 

Martha has worked in the healthcare industry for many years. She became an RN in 1979 and graduated from Emmanuel College in 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Over the years, Martha gained experience working in acute care, chronic care, and rehabilitation hospitals. After working as a community nurse, and later as home health aide manager and instructor of home care assistants, Martha opened Best Home Care N’ More in 1999 and continues to lead as CEO.

Martha acquired Health and Home Care Training Center of Massachusetts, LLC. in 2012. Since that time, Martha has been setting a new standard for home health aides and nursing assistants to be respected professionals.

Martha enjoys traveling on the west coast with her son who lives in San Francisco, spending time with her daughter and grandchildren, and being in Florida during the cold winter months.


If I could rate them 100/10, I absolutely would!!! The Health & Home Care Training Center is the absolute BEST! From the wonderful learning environment to the unbelievable staff, I am so grateful for the experience I had while gaining my CNA/HHA certificates here. My instructor, was honestly better than some of the college professors I’ve had. Herself, along with the other staff, genuinely care about their students and have a strong passion for what they teach! If you are looking to get your CNA or HHA certificates, this is DEFINITELY the place to go!!!

The staff were simply amazing! I had the greatest experience learning how to become a CNA. The best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing & learning from. Not only was she patient, she also listened & provided comfort when anyone felt insecure or discouraged. She truly made me feel confident & comfortable. Thank you for everything!

I love Martha Hamm -  she has given me a wonderful attitude about myself and my worth. She taught me that even though I am disabled I am able to still use the talents that I have to help others that need my service. I am now occupied and enjoying life more and more every day with the skills that Best Home Care and the Health & Home Training Center has and still does keep me up to date with - all the newest and the best ways to be a caregiver for all that need support in their home for themselves and their families. Thank you Martha!

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